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Type: slash

In this fascinating BBC Sherlock Holmes / Doctor Who novel by MJ, the game is afoot. In London, women suddenly start dying to be thin, and Mycroft Holmes can find no connection between the deaths. When Mycroft asks his brother Sherlock to investigate, Sherlock and John cross paths with the Doctor, whose TARDIS is down for the count... again. The Doctor joins forces with Sherlock and John to solve the mysterious deaths while locating a suspected alien incursion -- and is determined to meddle in matchmaking for his two oblivious new companions. Will Sherlock and John finally realize the truth about their feelings? Can Anthea help Mycroft find love with his diet doctor? Will the Doctor ever get that vacation on Mars? And will Sherlock and the Doctor survive meeting their closest counterparts on this planet -- each other? Find out in this rollicking new novel!


The stories in this zine show Holmes and Watson not only solving crimes, but experiencing the greatest friendship and love that has ever stood the test of time. Hidden from all but each other, these two hearts beat for none but their singular soulmate. Don't miss this zine!

Type: slash


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Type: slash

It's sex, my dear Watson! Plus a bit of casework, too.

Sherlock the Demon Hunter cover

Type: slash

In this thrilling, snarky Sherlock Holmes / Supernatural crossover novel by Lady Ra, with a gorgeous color cover by KAM, while accompanying John Watson to a conference in Massachusetts, Sherlock Holmes is spending his evening alone the last thing he wants to do is to have to play polite with any of the conference attendees at the final reception.

As he goes out for a midnight stroll, he comes across Dean Winchester digging up a grave, and the next thing he knows, he's battling an angry spirit, trying to keep both himself and the annoyingly mouthy hunter alive.

Dean isn't as appreciative as Sherlock seems to think he should be, but when John joins them after an urgent text, John is irritatingly calm about the idea of the supernatural, and Dean sees in the doctor a kindred spirit that he definitely does not find in Sherlock.

Unwillingly, even when Castiel appears out of nowhere to approve of the three of them joining forces, Dean takes them on the road, where Sherlock finds not only how large the United States of America is, but also the joy of immersing himself in a subject he knows nothing about, and the excitement of a whole new sort of game, ignoring Dean's and Bobby Singer's dire warnings that hunting is not a game at all.

Throughout the process, Sherlock comes face-to-face with his own hubris, with John paying a heavy price, and Dean discovers that while Castiel may be an Angel of the Lord, he's still not completely infallable and yet all four find that love, with a little bit of encouragement, may not out of reach. . .


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Type: slash

A salmagundi is 'a hodge-podge of diverse elements in one display' and that's just what you'll get here. Based on the 2009 movie, this collection of Holmes/Watson stories by L.A. Adolf runs the gamut from tales in which the two men are a long-time committed couple to others where they haven't yet taken the plunge. Some stories acknowledge Mary Watson (though she doesn't come off well in most of these because she's a means to a different end than canon portrays her), and in some she apparently never came into the picture. With 30 stories and beautiful artwork, this zine contains loads of hurt/comfort and lots of love for our favourite detective and his stalwart companion!


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Type: slash

In this fascinating novel by Piplover, based on the 2009 "Sherlock Holmes" movie, with a beautiful cover and interior artwork by L.A. Adolf, after Holmes returns from his three-year absence away from Watson following the incident at the Falls, he finds himself unable to relax, to enjoy a life free from danger. When he almost hits Mrs. Hudson, he realises that it is time to consult his personal physician. And what Dr. Watson discovers is worrying for both men.


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Type: slash

Based on the 2009 "Sherlock Holmes" movie, Jen Lee has written three powerful and engaging tales of Holmes/Watson.

"Of Minds and Memories" -- Watson returns home from a short trip to find his lover and his friend, Sherlock Holmes, profoundly changed -- perhaps forever.

"A Matter of Conscience" -- When an investigation goes awry, Watson, already married and living with his wife, is forced to consider the consequences of his absence from Holmes.

"Leverage" -- A past case creates unforeseen difficulties for Holmes and Watson. Will those difficulties be too much for Sherlock Holmes to handle?