The Table of Contents

Editorial Editors 3
Contemplating James Kirk Bonita Kale 4
Ramasq City Stud M.L. Badger 5
The Trust of a Friend Dallance McCassland 39
Sitting in the Fire Tere Ann Roderick 40
A Significant Contribution Dovya Blacque 41
Ambiguity Tere Ann Roderick 77
Eat Your Heart Out, Ansel Adams Jane Mailander 79
If There's One Thing a Vulcan Can't Deal With Dallance McCassland 84
Rescue Greggia Seta 85
A New Worry Dallance McCassland 114
T'Hy'Li Gena Moretti 117
I Never Tere Ann Roderick 118


Ayn Grayam 5, 79, 114
Sherry Veltkamp 85

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