The Table of Contents

Gettin' a Grip Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 3
Nyssa: Black Orchid Melissa MastorisDoctor Who 10
The Elevator K. Hanna KorossyStarsky and Hutch 11
Pikachu Shocked Out John M. WardellPokemon 17
Channels Teri SarickMultimedia 18
Differences Melissa MastorisDue South 38
If I Had Only Known Christine HastingsGeneral Hospital 39
For My Broken Heart L.A. CarrGeneral Hospital 46
The Full Tracker Teri SarickTracker 49
Musketeers Sheila PaulsonThe Master 51
Tony Anholt: Memorial Mary F. WardellSpace: 1999 63
The Promise From the soundtrackKung Fu: TLC 64
Promise Unkept Wendy MyersKung Fu: TLC 65
The Wait Melissa MastorisStar Wars 78
A Poor Man's Name Diana Smith / Pat DunnHighlander 79
Immortal Shadows Diana Smith / Pat DunnHighlanders / Shadow Chasers 105
Tips for Effective Communication Teri SarickMultimedia 146


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