Available in CD format only

Cinescape, 4/962 pages
Soap Opera Magazine4 pages
TV Times, 8/942 pages
TV Week, 1/992 pages
TV Zone #111, 2/994 pages
Richard Burgi bed poster2 pages
TeleJours, 1/991 page
TV Zone #114, 5/993 pages
Cinescape, 1/994 pages
Sci-Fi TV #4, 4/996 pages
Sci-Fi Entertainment, 12/991 page
35th Anniversary "Days of Our Lives"1 page
PopStar HHH #22 pages
Sci-Fi Teen #5, 3/993 pages
Soap Opera News, 1/993 pages
Too Much! 1 page
Chicago Tribune, 1/26/991 page
TV Highlights, 7/998 pages
TeleJours, 9/001 page
Elvira comicbook16 pages
Photocopied French articles5 pages
Assorted soap opera magazines5 pages
Assorted soap opera clippings5 pages
"My Sentinel Went to Peru..."transfer
"My Guide went to Peru..."transfer

Dozens of full-sized scanned pictures
and a few Assorted Goodies!

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