Available as NTSC videotape format only

Jeri Ryanpromo for "Sentinel Too"
Richard BurgiHollywood Access
Richard Burgicartoon UPN promo
Richard Burgi"He's the Man" UPN promo
Richard and Garettvarious UPN trailers
Richard Burgiinterview promo snippets
Garett Maggartinterview promo snippets
Bruce A. Younginterview promo snippets
Kelly Curtis (Carolyn)interview promo snippets
Danny Bilsoninterview promo snippets
Paul DeMeointerview promo snippets
Richard, Garett, Bruce, Kellyseveral clips from the pilot
Richard, Garett, BruceB-roll of behind-the-scenes filming
Richard, Garett, Brucepromo for "Warriors," "Three-Point Shot"
Richard, Garett, Bruceseason 1 bloopers
Richard Burgion Seinfeld
Richard, Garett, Bruceseason 2-3 bloopers
just for funThe Ambiguously Gay Duo
Richard Burgias "Chad" on Another World
Richard Burgi"Sentinel Games" UPN promo
Richard BurgiEntertainment Tonight, "Sex Symbol"
Richard BurgiEntertainment Tonight, "Hunks"
Richard Burgi"SenQuill" commercial
Richard and Garett"A Sense of Humor" promo
Richard BurgiHollywood Tonight
Richard and GarettClueless/Sentinel crossover commercial
Richard Burgi, son JackWild on the Rocks
Richard BurgiAnything but Love
Richard Burgiclips from the movie "Chameleons"
just for funWill and Grace, "Starsky and Hutch" clip

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