The Table of Contents

Sin Titulo Lisa K.3
Letting Down the Walls L.M. Shard24
Mixed Signals on the Rocks Melody Clark30
Undocumented Lacadiva33
The Triangle L.M. Shard56
After Hours L.M. Shard64
Amun-Ra L.M. Shard73
Love is the Thread of Life L.M. Shard102
Heartbroken L.M. Shard121
Clarification Cassie131
Inner Child Cassie135
Italian or Chinese? Cassie139
Useless Creatures Philiater142
Silent Faith Philiater144
Silent Journey Philiater151
This and My Heart L.M. Shard162
Real Life Melody Clark166
Man Overboard Anne Hedonia169
Something Like Shrapnel Anne Hedonia171


Melody Clarkfront cover

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