Scenario 2

The Table of Contents

The Bullet with My Name L.A. CarrT.J. Hooker 7
Marlowe, Come Home Sue Ann SarickSimon and Simon 8
The Doctor's Lament Juli ClevelandDoctor Who 9
In Pern Teresa SarickPern 9
Jack T. Colton Sue Ann SarickRomancing the Stone 10
Trick or Treat Leah Rosenthal and Ann WorthamBlake's 7 11
Private Eyes Leah Rosenthal and Ann WorthamBlake's 7 21
Kinship Juli ClevelandThe A-Team 22
Delta Dawn, Revisited Juli ClevelandThe A-Team 22
Cave-In Jackie EdwardsThe A-Team 23
Jack's Complaint Sue Ann SarickRomancing the Stone 30
Life is Hard Cathy L. BrysonDempsey and Makepeace 31
Amy's Thoughts Juli ClevelandThe A-Team 46
Riptide Reflactions Juli ClevelandRiptide 46
Triad Jean ThrowerGreatest American Hero 47
There Ya Go Teresa SarickMcCloud 49
Life of Legal Larceny Teresa SarickIt Takes a Thief 49
Going / Returning Christine JeffordsSimon and Simon 51
A Starry Night Juli ClevelandDoctor Who 58
Protective Custody Sheila PaulsonThe Master 60
Missing Scene (for A.J.) Christine JeffordsSimon and Simon 100
Airwolf Episode Guide, Season Two Teresa SarickAirwolf 102
The Firefly Raid Ann WorthamRat Patrol 104
Wondering Sue-Anne HartwickHunter 124
Otherworld Episode Guide, Season One Scott ClarkOtherworld 126
Words Sue-Anne HartwickHardcastle and McCormick 133


Juli Cleveland8, 22, 48
Clay Hartwick125, 130
Sheila Paulson90
Leah Rosenthal11, 12, 14, 17, 19

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