The Table of Contents

Questions Jean ThrowerHardcastle and McCormick 3
Graveyard Sue-Anne HartwickMagnum, P.I. 5
The Apology Sue-Anne HartwickRiptide 7
The Promise Jean ThrowerSimon and Simon 8
Dream's End Jean ThrowerSimon and Simon 9
"The Master" Episode Guide Sheila PaulsonThe Master 10
One Beginning Juli ClevelandThe A-Team 13
The Surprise Ann LeonhartGreatest American Hero 16
Vigil by Night Cathy L. BrysonV: The Series 19
Soldier, Rest Christine JeffordsSimon and Simon 28
Reparations Liz TuckerHardcastle and McCormick 47
Broken Butterfly Sheila PaulsonThe Master 69


Frank Dreierfront cover
Clay Hartwick4, 6

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