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"Random Reality -- Unique storyline with some wonderful, emotionally charged angst (okay, so angst is always emotionally charged, but this one's done particularly well). I don't want to give away any surprises, but the multiplicity of angst shown in Simon, Blair and Jim was all captured wonderfully. And I truly felt for OC [original character] Adam, as well.

Listen -- Wow! This was another unique story. I wanted to shake Jim and say, "Wake up and listen, fool!" In some ways I couldn't help but think 'But he wouldn't really be so callous, would he?' And then I realized how much more real and human this take paints him out to be. A well done, powerful read!

Believe -- A nice, angsty follow-up to the Alex Barnes incident, combined with the conflict between what Jim believes versus what he's willing to show he believes with regard to otherworldly visitations. As with "Listen," above, this piece also works to make Jim seem more human, flaws and all.

Fetch -- Another story of otherworldly visitations, yet also another unique take. Great Blair-Angst; and although Jim was the one hurt, the comfort went both ways! A very nice friend/partner/soulmate, angsty read!

Ten Seconds -- Okay, this one was short, only 3 pages, but absolutely amazing!! A very hurt Blair shown completely from his own perspective, and the entire thing felt so real to me, and so right, I could almost believe JadeBear experienced the very same horrific situation -- and it truly was a horrific situation. This brief read is an absolute gem! And it reveals a painfully true message: it really does only take "ten seconds to change the world." Brava!

In a Land of Shadow -- This story is long enough to be a novel in its own right, and though it's clearly a crossover piece, I'm not really sure what old British series it's crossing over with. ["The Professionals"] The characters brought in from that other series, shown periodically in screen captures, are shadowy themselves. Obviously part of a shadowy, secret government agency, the reader is given small glimpses of their backgrounds that makes the story, already compelling enough, even more compelling. My lack of knowledge of the crossover show does not hinder the read. In fact, it encourages me to investigate that other series! ;-) I'm only half-way through this story, which occurs shortly after TSbBS, but if I had a choice, I would drop everything today just to finish it. Suspenseful, compelling, and filled with rich characterization, this is another true gem!

**** (Four stars!) All in all, Sentry Duty 8 is a fantastic read, cover to cover! And, no, I am not speaking on behalf of authors, artists or editor of this zine! (big grin) I'm just an innocent bystander who happened to pick up a copy at Media West!"

Debra Kraft

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