ROUTE 666, VOL. 6

The Table of Contents

Dean's and Sammy's Excellent Adventure JJJunky4
The young Dean takes his little brother Sammy on an adventure in search of a legend.

Table Setting Yum@10
Dean takes advantage of having a home base by serving up some surprises to Sam.

Winchester Wounded K. Hanna Korossy14
An injured Dean and a Sam who thinks his brother is dead add up to both brothers struggling to find out the truth.

Free Fall Carole Seegraves27
A happy, shared moment from the Winchester boys' childhood.

Situational Morality Lorraine Mumaw31
Dean is injured and, without money or anyone to turn to, Sam realizes he will do just about anything to help his brother.

Zombie Gnomes from Hell Wortham & Rosenthal45
Another mission to help one of Bobby's "old friends" turns out to be anything but a simple case of an old lady's delusions....

Treasures for a Big Brother Carole Seegraves66
Another little peek into the childhood of Dean and Sam.

On Herndon Mountain Nightowl68
Dean remembers a road trip with his dad and Sam, the horrible car accident they were involved in, and the supernatural aspects of it.

The Unhaunted House Susan Macdonald87
Dean and Sam take shelter for the night in an allegedly haunted house and find themselves in the middle of a government shakedown and... aliens?

Fine Print K. Hanna Korossy94
In the middle of a hunt, Dean and an injured Sam find themselves transported to an island where they suddenly become the hunted.

It was Bound to Happen Yum@123
Dean wonders if Sam still needs him, now that he's all grown up.

Measure of His Sacrifice JJJunky131
An attack on Dean and Bobby has Sam doing the unthinkable to rescue them.

No "Little" in Little Brother K. Hanna Korossy150
Sam may not be small anymore, but he'll always be Dean's little brother.


Montanafront and back covers, 1, 13, 63, 67, 130, 168
Leah Rosenthal30, 93, 149

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