ROUTE 666, VOL. 5

The Table of Contents

Post-Traumatic Sam and Dean K. Hanna Korossy4
After Dean's return from Hell, the brothers must learn to work together and trust one another again.

Nighttime Yuma23
Nighttime in yet another hotel and Sam can't sleep...

Hunter's Best Friend JJJunky34
A burning building, a family in trouble, a ghost and an unlikely hero named Sammy.

Protect the Innocent Brate43
Young Sam and Dean find themselves drawn into a "hunt" for a ghost that turns into something they didn't expect.

Unnatural Causes K. Hanna Korossy54
A night in New Orleans turns deadly for Sam... or does it?

Praise What is Lost JJJunky74
While Sam is sick and down for the count, Dean decides to go on a hunt on his own. Always a bad idea!

To Infinity and Beyond Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal84
Busy with his own hunt, Bobby asks Sam and Dean to check in on his goddaughter and her little girl when the mother begins hearing voices coming from her daughter's room -- that always stop whenever she opens the door. Could little Bonnie's beloved toys, scattered throughout the room, be possessed? Was danger lurking around the nearest corner? Or could it be something so beyond the pale that it causes Dean to freak out -- and has Sam urging him to call in Cas for reinforcements?

Nephilim Night Jennifer M. Martin106
In this novella, Dean is deathly ill and Bobby tells Sam to take him to a healer of his aquaintance. What none of them knows is the true nature of the healer -- or what is actually causing Dean's illness.


Montanafront and back covers, 1, 33, 42, 83

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