ROUTE 666 VOL. 4

The Table of Contents

Sauce Code Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham4
Christmas Eve and the Winchesters are tired and hungry... but holidays are never traditional for Sam and Dean.

Four Christmases K. Hanna Korossy10
Glimpses of the boys' Christmases from 2006 through 2009.

Web of Confusion Supernaturaldh15
The Yellow-Eyed Demon is dead, but not before he and Dean had made a deal -- Sam coming back to life in exchange for Dean's soul one year later. Now, the brothers, exhausted and broken, must live with the results.

Now's the Time, the Time is Now Liz Babler15
Dean recalls hearing lore about a book written by the Devil, and he believes that it may contain a spell to summon and destroy Lilith. However, a nasty cold on Deanís part, an hourglass thatís almost run out, and heaps of angst complicate measures.

It's All in the Cards Carole Seegraves35
Sam discovers the reason behind Dean knowing the answer to every Trivial Pursuit question asked of him.

When You are Scared Supernaturaldh37
Dean knew that his little brother Sam hated the rain and he remembered why...

Brotherhood is a Two-Way Street Brate47
A study in Sam and Dean's evolution of brotherhood.

It's So Not Fair Carole Seegraves53
Dean's down with chickenpox and Sam is trying to cope.

In Sickness and in Health Nebula57
A bad case of the flu sidelines Sam and a hunt gone wrong could be the end for Dean unless his brother can help him.

And the Angel Said... Supernaturaldh70
John plans to take his sons with him on a hunt, but Sam wants to stay behind to take part in a Christmas pageant at his school. Dean volunteers to stay with him, and the boys go to the pageant, Dean prepared to use this as teasing material for months ahead...but up on stage, something amazing happens...

The Boy That Hates Christmas K. Hanna Korossy74
Sam's Christmases started out special as a child, but as he grew older, the glitter fell off and he realized it was Dean taking care of him, snitching gifts where he could and decorating as best he was able, often without their father ever making an appearance. So he grew to hate Christmas. But now it was Dean's final year before his soul was called due, and all his big brother asked was to spend one more Christmas together, like they had as kids. How could Sam say no?

Exercises in the Supernatural Swellison80
A collection of vignettes and short stories written for specific prompts.

Vengeful Spirit JJJunky88
A call from Diana Ballard sends the Winchesters on the hunt for a vengeful ghost.

Little Details Yum@97
A moment in the life of Sam, Dean and John Winchester.

History Book K. Hanna Korossy101
People are being killed and Sam and Dean can't figure out what or who is doing it... but their search for the answers could be the death of both of them.


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