ROUTE 666 VOL. 3

The Table of Contents

Worth the Wait Brate4
When Sam goes missing and is found injured, Dean fears the worst -- yet another supernatural bad guy out to get them.

Toy Drive Carole Seegraves16
Young Sammy tries to think of what he can give to the toy drive. 'New and unwrapped' toys were requested, but what did a 7-year-old, whose family was constantly on the move, have that fit that description?

Just Drive Ann and Leah18
Castiel has lost his angel "mojo" and there's no longer any getting around it: Dean is going to have to teach him to drive a car.

When You are Lost Supernaturaldh22
It was supposed to be a quick salt and burn, but vampires and vengeful ghosts and memories all conspire against the Winchester brothers...

Filling Time Carole Seegraves39
The computer's on the fritz, Dean's out getting the Impala's oil changed and Sam is stuck in the hotel room with a sprained ankle and nothing to watch on the tv except for "Petticoat Junction."

A Dog-Bites-Man Story K. Hanna Korossy41
Everything was going well -- until Cujo showed up.

Big Brother Wendy Myers47
Even when a little brother towers over his big brother by 3 inches, he still needs some reassurance that his protector will always be there -- no matter what.

To Be or Not to Be Jeanne R. Gold48
Coda to "It's a Terrible Life."

Never a Good Zombie Uprising When You Need One Beth Honeycutt53
You'd think zombies would be easy for the Winchesters to find...

Fight the Good Fight JJJunky57
A chilling call from Dean sends Bobby scrambling to help his favorite idjits.

And the Hunter Home from the Hill Clarity15968
Just another "holiday" in the life of hunters...

B-E-E Carole Seegraves73
Six-year-old Sammy needs some help studying for his spelling test tomorrow, and Dean's perfect for the job.

Winning Hand K. Hanna Korossy75
When Sam is kidnapped by vampires, it's up to Dean to save him... and to deal with the fallout.


Montanafront and back covers, 1, 40, 46, 67, 72, 75, 84
Leah Rosenthal15, 38, 74, 85
Wilma14, 18, 37

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