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No Turning Back JJJunky1
With their father two weeks late in returning from his latest hunting job, Dean is desperate to get food for himself and Sam, but the way he achieves his goal will end up changing him for life.

Looking In from the Outside Carole Seegraves6
Many people interact with John, Dean and Sam throughout their lives, from hotel clerks to gas station attendants to waitresses at the local diner. What must outsiders think of the Winchester clan?

That Law and Order Vibe Firechild16
For years, she’d been training men and women not to get themselves — and each other — killed, to work together against the things that threatened them every day. She’d just never bargained for this ‘team.’

Double Jeopardy IMTheresa20
Shortly after Jess’ death, the newly-reunited Winchester brothers need time to get to know each other again, and Sam needs time to heal. But instead, Sam wants to work. He wants to keep his mind occupied on something other than his girlfriend’s death, so he finds a case — five missing people in a small town. The investigation started out straightforward enough, but things quickly changed...


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