$19.00 (US) * $23.00 (Can/Mex) * $26.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

In this enthralling novella by Sheri Young, the three detectives are enjoying a vacation cruise on the Riptide when a storm comes up and Nick sustains a wound to his foot. The team heads for the nearest land, an island with a hotel, where they register. It doesn't take long to learn that there is something strange going on, and when one of the other guests is murdered, Nick, Cody, and Boz find themselves in deadly peril.


$22.00 (US) * $26.00 (Can/Mex) * $29.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

Written by Sheri Young, in this Riptide/Jake and the Fatman crossover novel, the Riptide detectives travel to Hawaii so Murray can compete in an inventors conference, but their vacation in paradise takes an unexpectedly deadly turn. An escaped convict is stalking Jake Styles, the chief investigator for prosecuting attorney J.L. McCabe. The only problem is, he mistakes look-alike Nick Ryder for his target. Confused, wounded and running, Nick is unsure who is hunting him or why. Bad weather and rugged terrain adds to his trouble, but, luckily, Cody and Murray aren't about to leave their lost companion in the wilderness. However, saving Nick's life only opens up an entirely new danger -- a half-brother Nick never knew about named Jake Styles. As both men struggle to come to grips with the realization, issues of family and friendship become both blurred and more concrete. This finely crafted tale is wonderfully angsty and character driven and not to be missed!


Back in print once again, here are some of the very best stories from some of the best authors in Riptide fandom. From silly to dramatic, and everything in between, these zines contain contain long stories that will pull you in and make you root for the three guys on the boat!

Type: gen


$15.00 (US) * $19.00 (Can/Mex) * $22.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

A novella by Christine Jeffords that explores the untold background of Cody Allen. A teenage girl who visits the "Riptide" proves to be Cody's preppy niece, desperate to get help for her father, a stockbroker accused of insider trading. But Cody hasn't spoken to his brothers and sister in years. Family pride and professional honor come into conflict as the detectives take a hand in the case. And then Nick rolls the Jimmy on the freeway...


$27.00 (US) * $34.00 (Can/Mex) * $37.00 (overseas)

Type: gen

In this gripping novel by Lynda Tysdal, with a lovely color cover by KAM, Murray fights the toughest battle of his life. When he sustains a head injury while trying to help Nick and Cody in a street fight, he loses the abilities that have always defined him or so he thought. Global aphasia has taken away his ability to speak, read and write, and his friends and doctors fear that he has also lost his intellect. Now he has to prove to everyone that hes still the same man inside but the hardest one to convince may be himself.