The Table of Contents

Dancing with Shadows Dovya Blacque Miami Vice 3
Those of Darkness Dovya Blacque Blake's 7 16
Call It Creation Dovya Blacque Wiseguy 17
Accustomed to Her Face Arlan Symons China Beach 23
Never Dreamed Starr Copeland Equalizer 30
After-Image Starr Copeland War of the Worlds 46
Riders on the Storm Starr Copeland 21 Jump St. 65
Shadow of a Hero Dovya Blacque Blake's 7 75
Strange Fire Starr Copeland V 76
Orinoco Flow Dovya Blacque Miami Vice/ Vampire 96
The Sixth Day Starr Copeland Tango and Cash 106
Confession, After a Fashion Dovya Blacque Blake's 7 117
Another Word for Trust Starr Copeland Young Guns 118
Sunlight on Shattered Glass Dovya Blacque Wiseguy/ Vampires 127
Opus Six Dovya Blacque Wiseguy 131
Beyond the Storm Dovya Blacque Blake's 7 134
Shade Starr Copeland Miami Vice/ Stingray 135
Brothers 1/Brothers 2 Starr Copeland Miami Vice 148


Alayne front cover

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