The Table of Contents

Department of Weird, Wonderful,
and Useless Information
Lorraine Bartlett Any and Every 3
Letters of Comment The Loyal Readers Any and Every and Then Some 5
Fans Just Wanna Have Fun J. Ruth Dempsey 16
The Monkees' U.N.C.L.E Sheryl Adsit Monkees/Man from U.N.C.L.E 17
Please Buy Me Dove Ray Darr Commercial 33
Jaime and the Gypsies Jane Leavell Bionic Woman 34
Spies 'R' Us Susan M. Garrett Media 54
A Sense of Honor Sue-Anne Hartwick Stingray 58
The Wait Karen J. Stewart Stingray 59
There are No Small Cases Marcia Brin Dempsey and Makepeace 62
Fanzine Writer Karen J. Stewart Star Trek 77
Amanda's Last Farewell Karen L. Mitchell Star Trek 78
Soul of a Nude Machine Karen J. Stewart Star Trek: TNG 79
He's Always Standing There Tenna, Bull, Darr Star Trek: TNG 83
And It Must Follow Patrice L. Heyes Star Trek: TNG 84
Incredibly Bad Data Jokes Tenna, Bull, Darr Star Trek: TNG 89
Hit My Honda Anne Tenna and Ray Darr Commercial 90
What a Difference a Word Makes Jan M. Lindner Airwolf 91
ReRun 6 Studio Some Unscrupulous Soul Any and Every 92
Play It Again, Murphy Karen L. Mitchell Remington Steele 101
Addison and Steele Roberta Rogow Any and Every 102
Steele Writing Limericks Karen L. Mitchell Remington Steele 135
To Catherine Jackie Paciello Beauty and the Beast 136
Vincent Lindsay Thompson Beauty and the Beast 137
A Place Among the Shadows Jackie Paciello Beauty and the Beast 139


Karen Riverfront cover, 95, 136, 137, 138, 149, 157, 167
Dani61, 66, 71, 75
Ann Larimer86, 97, back cover
Anne Malcolm82
Rhonda Reese16
Lee Shackleford93, 134
Doranna Shiner59, 77, 78, 99
Ronnie Silverstein18, 20, 30
Frank Solomon33, 57, 90, 103, 113, 130

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