The Table of Contents

Dear ReRun Readers Lorraine Bartlett Any and Every 3
Letters of Comment The Loyal Readers Any and Every 5
A Last Farewell Diane Roe Star Wars 16
Night Watch Christine Jeffords Simon and Simon 18
Where We Going Teresa Sarick Simon and Simon 30
The Way It Is Teresa Sarick Simon and Simon 31
Private Eyes Sally Smith and Cathy Waldo Simon and Simon/Magnum, P.I. 32
Like Father, Like... Guy Clayton Brownlee Remington Steele 34
The Mysterious Mr. Steele Liz Gregory Remington Steele 35
Second Chance Liz Gregory Superman 36
The Spy Who Loved Me Dani General Hospital 38
High Calibre Characters C.S Jenkins Media 39
For Now and Forever Teresa Sarick St. Elsewhere 41
Roll Call, 7 a.m Teresa Sarick Hill Street Blues 48
Elegy of Love Sue-Anne Hartwick Hill Street Blues 49
Conversation Lorraine Bartlett Eddie and the Cruisers 50
Prisoner James Crawford The Prisoner 54
The Wall Susan M. Garrett A-Team 56
The Wall Susan M. Garrett Knight Rider 62
The Wall Susan M. Garrett Magnum, P.I. 65
The Wall Susan M. Garrett Airwolf 68
Memorial Sally Smith Magnum, P.I. 71
Remembering Jude Wilson Magnum, P.I. 72
Aftermath Lorraine Bartlett Doctor Who 73
The Trek III Calypso Karen L. Mitchell Star Trek 82
Triune Conjunction James Crawford Dark Crystal 84
Gelfling Karen L. Mitchell Dark Crystal 85
The Perspective Raid Linda Knights Rat Patrol 86
TV Misguide 2 Anne Tenna Media 103
Indiana Jones Bad Company Indiana Jones 104
Anything Goes Karen L. Mitchell Indiana Jones 105
Spectre of the Past Ann Wortham Indiana Jones 106
In the Good Old Rerun Time C.S. Jenkins Media 122


Karen Riverfront cover, 61, 64, 67, 69
Guy Brownlee 35
Kathy Costello 40
Dani33, 37, 49, 83, 105
Ann Lairmer 18, 46
Mary Otten 81, 88, 91, 98
Diane Roe17
Leah Rosenthal 104
Laura Virgil 108, 115, 119

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