The Table of Contents

Editorial Lorraine Bartlett Any and Every 3
Letter of Comment The Loyal Readers Various 4
Deception Rose Swicegood Fugitive 10
Dr. Who and the First Philosopher Anne Collins Smith Doctor Who 34
Tried to Have You Anne Collins Smith Star Trek: TNG 47
The Shapeshifter's March Dennis Hein Star Trek: DS9 50
Incredibly Bad Odo Jokes Anne Tenna Star Trek: DS9 51
DS9-3K Dennis And Yvonne Hein Star Trek: DS9 52
This Little Piggy Anne C. Malcolm Hawaii 5-0 54
No Good Deed Karen Pauli MacGuyver 83
Last of the Really Great Mohicans Ruth deVree MacGuyver/Quantum Leap 98
The Wizard of Space and Time Janice E. Kurth Quantum Leap 114
Dance With a Deceiver Janice E. Kurth Quantum Leap 123
Quantum Canine Jane Leavell Quantum Leap 136


Karen River front cover, 137, 145, 154
Karen Pauli 84, 97
Melody Rondeau 45, 49
Lee Eric Shackeford 9, back cover
Bobbi Jo Simons 11, 104
Frank Soloman 1, 33, 46, 51, 60, 97, 135, 157

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