The Table of Contents

Howdy Lorraine Bartlett Any and Every 3
Rerun 10 Letters of Comment The Loyal Reader Any and Every and Then Some 4
The Bionic Woman Affair Jane Leavell Bionic Woman/Airwolf 10
A Dark and Stormy Fandom E. Micheal Whitmore Media 33
An Infestation of Time Lords Dennis Hein Doctor Who 34
Farewell E. Micheal Whitmore II Doctor Who 36
Vincent's Lament Donna A. Klein Beauty and the Beast 40
Sweet Dreams Linda Parker Beauty and the Beast 41
Reality Check Kim Bennett Roseanne 44
The Incredible Night Stalker Jane Leavell Incredible Hulk/Night Stalker 49
Gillian's Earth E. Micheal Whitmore II Star Trek IV 57
Picard's Lionfish On.. Jim McNair Brown Star Trek: TNG 58
Trek 'Toons Jim McNair Star Trek: TNG/DS9 60
On The Promenade Anne Collins Smith Star Trek: DS9 62
Secrets of the Human Heart Karen J. Stewart Crying Game 63
Another Dark and Stormy Fandom E. Micheal Whitmore II Media 69
Drowning Sorrows Sara Arnold Quantum Leap 70
Channel Surfin' Safari B. Mater and P. Robinson Media 89
Blurred Image Lorraine Bartlett Quantum Leap 90


Karen River front cover, 79
Jim McNair 58, 60, 61, 62
Melody Rondeau 43, 59, inside back cover
Lee Shackleford back cover
Bobbi Jo Simon 37, 54
Frank Soloman 18, 32, 56, 68, 89, 95

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