The Table of Contents

The Walls of Hope Sheila PaulsonPlanet of the Apes 3
If Only ArnieGarrison's Gorillas 37
The Love and War Raid Taylor & WolfordRat Patrol 45
Tyler's Last Thoughts Melissa MastorisSandbaggers 62
Time's Furrows L.A. CarrStar Trek: Voyager 63
All for One JJJunkyMagnificent 7 87
The Colonel's Lady Kat ParsonsRat Patrol 95
Unpalatable Sandra McDonaldStar Trek: The Next Generation 111
Postscript Marcia BrinStargate SG-1 117
Tomorrow's Another Day PhoThe Sentinel 119
The Tower Momoftoad & S. RielingStargate SG-1 131
Sleeping Under the Influence Carole SeegravesThe Sentinel 158
The Engineer's Tale Dorothy JohnstonThe Mummy / Indiana Jones 161
Shadow Melissa MastorisBeauty and the Beast 188
Goodbye Sheila PaulsonStargate SG-1 / Real Ghostbusters 189
As-Track AzpouStargate SG-1 193
A Bad Day Loretta GrecoThe X-Files 205
The Duty and Honor Raid StarrRat Patrol 208


Susanne Grundfront cover

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