The Table of Contents

The Balance of Trust Raid StarrRat Patrol 3
Truth Sandra McDonaldPlanet of the Apes 35
Auld Acquaintance Dorothy JohnstonThe Mummy / Indiana Jones 45
Lightning L.A. CarrEqualizer 59
The Foundation of Friendship Raid Taylor & WolfordRat Patrol 68
All for One's Worth K. Hannah KorossyStarsky and Hutch 73
The Vacant Chair Dorothy JohnstonIndependence Day 79
The Loose Lips Raid Kat ParsonsRat Patrol 98
The Right Choice Loretta GrecoseaQuest 101
Deliver Us from Evil Audrey BrackettEmergency! 132
The Aladdin's Lamp Raid Sheila PaulsonRat Patrol / Real Ghostbusters 171


L.A. Carrfront cover

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