The Table of Contents

The Least I Can Do Nora MayersStar Trek: Generations 3
On Ice Pat NussmanVR5 11
Hoth Duet Kathryn AgelStar Wars 14
Judgement Day Barbara J. CaldwellStar Trek (TNG) 16
Pinky and the Brain-ger Jeff MorrisMighty Morphin Power Rangers / Pinky and the Brain 20
Personal Favor Susanne BickerstaffeX-Files 23
When You Wish Upon a Starship Sherri FillinghamStar Trek: DS9 42
The Kung Fu Affair Anne HigginsKung Fu: TLC / Man from UNCLE 45
The Sin-Eater Jane MortimerX-Files 74
Nature of the Beast T. BeatyForever Knight 88
The Walls of Jericho Raid Valerie DeVriesRat Patrol / Jericho 92
Self-Defense M.A. CalhounHouston Knights 105
Double Masquerade Kira BacalStar Trek: TNG 114
The Night of the Quantum Limbo Stephanie Star SmithWild Wild West / Quantum Leap 125
Dog Days Amburn, Riddle, Shapiro and NickellReal Ghostbusters 152
Glass Coffin Denise GassX-Files / Kung Fu: TLC 173
The Right Path Elizabeth KlisiewiczDr. Quinn 208
A Matt Sykes Christmas Lynne LevineAlien Nation 245
Dirty Little Secrets Cathy BoudreauWiseguy 247
The Taste of Angels T. BeatyForever Knight 265
David Fantasy 1 qIra juli YanX-Files 269
The Dream Joseph V. TarziaStar Trek: TNG 273
After the Ball Anne CognitoBeauty and the Beast 282
Secrets Gerry BickX-Files 287
Antietam L.C. Wells and R.L. BelyeaWiseguy 299


L.C. Wellsfront cover, 306, 318
Barbara J. Caldwell18, 279

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