The Table of Contents

Unidentified Flying Leap Anne and Elaine BatterbyMidnight Caller / Quantum Leap 4
Nicholas Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 14
The Unusual Excuse Raid Linda ChappleRat Patrol 36
Compliments of the Nighthawk Gillian HoltMidnight Caller / War of the Worlds 40
Baptism Sue-Anne HartwickLethal Weapon 64
Material Witness J.A. MortimoreRiptide 68
The Dawn's Early Blush Raid Linda ChappleRat Patrol 88
Is This Any Way to Run a War? Sharane McCurryHogan's Heroes 92
Moments of Truth Gillian HoltWar of the Worlds 103
Carny Vandimir SandsMidnight Caller 125
Indy and the Sith A.G. SteynCartoon 129
The Brothers in All but Blood Raid Linda ChappleRat Patrol 130
Memories Cathy BoudreauWiseguy 149
Night of the Rubicon L.C. WellsWild Wild West 154
Poetry Corner VariousVarious 171
Reflections Wendy KarmellGarrison's Gorillas 181
Time to Choose S. McDonaldBlack Sheep Squadron / Fantasy Island 185
Hey, Indy! A.G. SteynCartoon 195


Christine Myersfront cover
Jeanne McClureback cover

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