The Table of Contents

Poem J.P. Kraft1
Breaking the News J.P. Kraft5
Paul discovers Caine's existence.

The Case of the Missing Detective Linda Jofery10
An 'average' day in the life of Peter Caine.

Path of Discovery Valerie Avants45
Paul's quest to be free of his demons is tied to a terrifying night when he fears he might lose his eldest daughter and new foster son.

Enigma Gini Wheeler79
Teenaged Peter finds a link to his father in a most unusual figure.

Twist and Dodge J.P. Kraft88
Peter comes face to face with a dark time in his past which shows him what he might have become if not for the intervention of Paul Blaisdell.

Crossroads Debra Van Sandt113
In this crossover with "Highlander," Peter connects with a boy-turned-man whom he'd protected years earlier in the orphanage.


J.P. Kraftfront cover

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