The Table of Contents

The Truest Wealth Janet Lampe1
To save his father's life, Peter makes a personal sacrifice, and in the process, discovers the depth of his inner strength.

Rules, Pot and Absurdity Gini Wheeler25
A vignette between rookie cop Peter and Paul Blaisdell.

Hero Complex J.P. Kraft35
Peter is faced with a horrific choice -- whichever way he decides, innocent people will die.

Suicide by Cop Linda Jofery58
Peter and Skalany are called to deal with a domestic disturbance when things go disastrously wrong....

Paradigm Shift Marge Shasberger108
An undercover op gone awry forces Peter and Caine to re-examine their relationship.

The Sword of Corryn Blay Cathryn Mortenz145
Peter finds himself once again at the mercy of his mysterious uncle Damon. But is Damon the evil man that Peter remembers?

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