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Poem J.P. Kraft1
Crossings Janet Lampe3
Shaolin Priest Peter has settled down with a new wife. But how can they have the family they desire when it was written in the Book of Shambhala that Peter would be the last of the Caine line?

Interlude: Grace Jackee C.38
In a series of vignettes, Peter comes to reconcile his life and his two fathers, who in turn grow to better understand their son.

The Third Sunday in June J.P. Kraft42
What starts out as a dreaded school assignment becomes an annual tradition for Peter and a record of his growing up.

Interlude: Grace Returned Jackee C.52
Second in the 'Grace' series of vignettes.

A Single Soul Cathryn Mortenz-Teal56
A grisly murder, a new friend, and some unpleasant memories all combine to set Peter Caine on edge as he struggles to regain his equilibrium.

Interlude: Grace Redeemed Jackee c.129
Third in the 'Grace' series of vignettes.

The Rocky Pathy of Healing Valorie Avants134
A reconnaissance mission gone terribly wrong leaves Peter injured and guilt-stricken. He finds solace from a most unusual source.

Interlude: Full Circle Jackee C.163
Fourth in the 'Grace' series of vignettes.

Concerto Marge Shasberger167
The latest addition to the "Baohuren" series transports us seventeen years into the future. Peter's daughter, Jasmine, is a promising cellist. But there's something fishy about her new orchestra leader. And continuing turmoils within the Imperial household in Taiwan finds Peter's loyalties stretched.


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