The Table of Contents

Poem J.P. Kraft1
Three Weeks Lisa Lovewell3
Kwai Chang Caine is dead, and Peter must learn to face his fears and accept life without his father.

Promises to Keep Judy Hoggard29
The demons have caught up with Paul Blaisdell, and it's up to Peter and Kermit to vanquish them.

A Lesson in Driving Denise Edge70
While waiting for Peter one evening, Paul Blaisdell reflects on teaching his foster son to drive.

Soldier of Evil J.P. Kraft75
Peter is torn between honoring an oath to the dead and honoring his oath as a cop.

On Faith Jackee C.95
Visions of a serial bomber put Peter at the top of an FBI agent's suspect list.

The Return Joann Stroh137
A brutal headmaster, blaming young Peter for his dismissal from the orphanage, returns to get revenge.

For Old Time's Sake Patricia O'Cain158
An old friend of Captain Simms witnesses a murder, Peter and Kermit must save the woman from becoming the next victim.

Circles Marge Shasberger187
Peter must choose between his duty as boajia and his duty to his loved ones.


J.P. and Courtney Kraftfront cover

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