The Table of Contents

What's in the Attic? Lorraine Anderson4
A strange room on a mission leads to even stranger meetings with a strange "Doctor" and his companions...

Life Saving Edition Storyhaus and Ann Wortham20
The stranger seems to be Daniel Jackson's guardian angel...

The Death and Life of General O'Neill Lorraine Anderson30
Jack thinks his life is over and he's ready to go, but old friends still need his help and he's not done saving the universe quite yet!

The Road Through Jericho Storyhaus and Ann Wortham41
A crossover with the series "Jericho," speculating how the SGC and SG-1 would react to a nuclear attack.

The Lurker at the Threshhold Sheila Paulson80
In this novella, translations on a planet lead the team to... H.P. Lovecraft?


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