The Table of Contents

Not the Last Lorraine Anderson4
Baal has finally been defeated and all of his clones are gone... or are they? Jack is called on to undertake a special mission with the help of SG-1.

Sharp-Dressed Man Storyhaus20
Teal'c needs a little fashion advice from Daniel... or does he?

The Scar Doctor Beth26
Daniel's appendicitis scar becomes more important than any of SG-1 could have ever imagined when a mission goes badly wrong.

Don't Touch Lorraine Anderson46
Jack is always telling Daniel not to touch things -- and Daniel always touches them anyway. This time, the team is split when Daniel touches something he shouldn't have and it is a race to find their way back to each other.

Never Again Storyhaus72
Jack and his team bond at a team get-together.

Shall We Dance? Lorraine Anderson77
A routine meet-and-greet on a new planet leads to strange discoveries. And dancing.

The Foreseen Sheila Paulson87
In this novella, when you mix a planet, a previously unknown artifact, and Daniel Jackson, trouble soon ensues and SG-1 follows right after their errant archeologist. But can they find him before it's too late?


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