The Table of Contents

Entirety K. Hanna Korossy4
Jack and Daniel come to terms with each other and what happened in the episode "Entity".

All About Change Storyhaus9
After the episode “Moebius,” SG-1 comes together as a team and try to make sense of the changes as they plan to move forward with their lives and careers while maintaining their unique friendships.

End of the Race K. Hanna Korossy45
In this tag scene for the episode “The Fifth Race,” Jack explains what happened to him.

Leap to the Stars Lorraine Anderson50
What happens when two top-secret programs collide?

Unseen Legacy K. Hanna Korossy76
Daniel wonders why Jonas was believed during the episode “Unseen” and why his own treatment at the hands of his team was so different during “Legacy.”

M.I.A. Yum@82
Jack finds it difficult to adapt to life as a general, waiting behind while SG-1 is in danger without him.

Out the Window K. Hanna Korossy99
An epilogue for the episode “Window of Opportunity.”


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Amyback cover, 1, 8, 78
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