The Queen's Gambit of Contents

Raisa B.N. Fish1
Raisa thought she knew all of Mr. Oliver's moods, but the stranger who came back from the North China Sea has some new ones.

Rain B.N. Fish6
Laurel never thought she would live to see the day when Oliver danced in the rain.

Delirium B.N. Fish10
Suffering from a severe bout of malaria, Oliver trusts Diggle to protect his family from him when he falls into a delirium that leaves him vulnerable, yet deadly lethal if touched, and leaves Diggle wondering just how many languages the young Queen son knows.

Dreams B.N. Fish40
Awake, Oliver can focus on training, practice and bringing justice to Starling City, but when he sleeps, he still dreams.

Felicity B.N. Fish43
As the newest member of their little Hood club, Diggle wants to get to know Felicity better.

Shades of Helena B.N. Fish50
Laurel wants to know how Tommy's arm really got hurt, and she's not leaving Oliver's office until he tells her.

Who I Was B.N. Fish54
The Oliver Queen who returned from the island is not the same man who washed ashore there five years ago and Oliver discovers that his friends sometimes miss his former incarnation.

Talk to Me B.N. Fish57
Felicity finds Oliver literally hanging around the base, and takes the opportunity to ask him about his difficult time on the island. What she soon realizes is that, while Oliver will answer any questions she asks fully and honestly, he expects the very same of her. Is the information about Oliver's closely-held past worth being that open and vulnerable to him?

Grief B.N. Fish64
Tommy's death has hit Oliver hard, and Laurel discovers everyone grieves differently.

One on One B.N. Fish
Laurel and Felicity talk about the Hood, and each sees behind the curtain of the other, seeking why one defends what the Hood does for the city and why one thinks he should be behind bars.

Daily and Other Issues B.N. Fish 79
The Man in the Skull Mask may be dead, but Felicity has more questions than answers, and she's determined to get them from Oliver.

Mother B.N. Fish85
Moira Queen is disquieted when Oliver pays a call on his mother.

Thea's Friend B.N. Fish89
(Arrow / Nick Knight) Thea wants Oliver to meet someone at an ice rink, an L.A. cop named Nick Knight. And once they meet, Nick shows an eye for detail about Starling City's two Archers that has Oliver squirming.

Secret for Secret B.N. Fish118
(Arrow / Nick Knight) Nick knows Oliver's secret, and shares one of his own. But can Oliver really believe that vampires exist or will it have to be proven to him?

Different Schools B.N. Fish162
(Arrow / Nick Knight) Nick teaches Oliver the difference between an insolvable problem and an unsolvable one.

Visitors B.N. Fish170
(Arrow / Starsky and Hutch) After visiting Starling City and its fascinating inhabitants, Nick has gone back home to L.A., but continuously talks of his visits with the people there. Intrigued, and not a little worried, Starsky and Hutch come to call on Oliver Queen, to find out how much he knows about Nick, and how dangerous it might be if Nick actually does as he's threatening, and relocates to Starling City.

Rules of the Game B.N. Fish180
(Arrow / Nick Knight) Under the onslaught of Oliver's relentless questions, Nick finally breaks down and explains how one becomes a vampire, a vassel, and marked and the complicated rules that govern each role.


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