The Table of Contents

Coming From Behind
One Heart Sharon Fetter2
Guilty Pleasures TooLoose7
Behind and Again M.A. Calhoon28
Beautiful Black Ann34
Coming From Behind Kris Brown37
Winning Kris Brown37
Timothy TooLoose43

Open All Night
Old Man's Fantasy DVS52
Valentine's Day Sharon Fetter59
Shirt Tales V Meg Lewtan81
Shirt Tales VI Meg Lewtan86

Over the Top
Approval M.A. Calhoon91
Death Us Do Part TooLoose102

Right Down to the Belt
Ordinary, Everyday Things Kris Brown127
Lovers' Quarrel Elaine Holden129
Turnabout Noel Silva/Kris Brown139
Getting Right Down to It Shoshanna Green164
Speaking in Tongues Susan Douglass169
Hors de Combat Elara Hall171
For Baby and Me Lily Fulford185

In the Lift
In the Lift Sirena190
Thank You Ellis Ward194
An Uplifting Opportunity Kris Brown203
A Dream is a Wish Lily Fulford211
Beyond Acceptance M.A. Calhoon217
Dark Secrets Sharon Fetter225

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