The Table of Contents

If That's Love Jill S. WellsStarman 1
Murder By Mistake M.D. BloemkerShadow Chasers 3
The Knights and Mournings Affair Kristin KeckMan from UNCLE 25
Cartoon Leah RosenthalAlien Nation 32
Adventure in Babysitting Sheila PaulsonBlake's 7 33
Brothers Under the Skin Sheila PaulsonAlien Nation 60
Watcher in the Woods Robin ClowardShadow Chasers / Quantum Leap 61
The Leaving Melissa MastorisDr. Who 73
Surfin' Safari Cinda GillilanRiptide 75
Cultural Revolution Jane TeshMax Headroom 87
Post Mortem Sheila PaulsonAirwolf 103
Cartoon Leah RosenthalBeauty and the Beast 120
Maximum Leap Jane TeshMax Headroom / Quantum Leap 121
Family Portrait Sheila PaulsonRobin of Sherwood 134
Understanding Melissa MastorisDr. Who 135
Illumination Sheila PaulsonIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade 137
Airwolf to the Third Power Erika FrensleyAirwolf 139
Cartoon Leah RosenthalAlien Nation 172
Vendetta Melissa MastorisDr. Who 173
French Leave Jane TeshShadow Chasers 175
A New Companion Melissa MastorisDr. Who 185
First Assignment Stateside Cinda GillilanRiptide 187
Simon and Simon Once More Mary F. WardellSimon and Simon 196
Wild Ride Ginger Fitts & Cindy RancourtReal Ghostbusters 197


Ann Larimerfront cover, 174
Sheila Paulson119, 136
Shiloh74, 186

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