The Table of Contents

Long Distance--Collect Susan M. GarrettShadow Chasers 1
Sleeping Dogs Mary RobertsonSimon and Simon 28
Drink to Me Only Joan HoffmanDr. Who / Hitchhiker 31
Memorandum Susan M. GarrettShadow Chasers 37
Recognizing the Fool Kristin KeckBlake's 7 39
The Man with Two Brains Patrice L. HeyesMax Headroom 41
Keepers of the Flame Sheila PaulsonThe Master 43
Two Hearts Patrice L. HeyesRobin of Sherwood 69
He's My Dad! Sarah AdamsStarman 71
The Final Act Kathy HintzeBlake's 7 85
Multiplication Fable Sandra SmithDanger Mouse 109
The Psychic Pathology of Everyday Life Patrice L. HeyesShadow Chasers 111
Dream Stuff M.D. BloemkerVoyagers! 117
It's All White, White Wonder Sandra SmithDanger Mouse 144


Ann Larimerfront cover, 110
Sheila Paulson29, 38, 42, 68, 70, 110
Sandra L. Smith27, 30

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