The Table of Contents

The Haunting of Hardcastle Sheila PaulsonHardcastle & McCormick 3
Snowball M. Katherine DavisVoyagers! 19
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Daleks Rebecca Ann BrothersDr. Who / Hitchhiker 38
Solo Flight Brenda AndersSimon & Simon 39
Interlude: Marian Patrice L. HeyesRobin of Sherwood 64
Interlude: Robert Patrice L. HeyesRobin of Sherwood 65
Interlude: The Sheriff Patrice L. HeyesRobin of Sherwood 66
Statuesque Susan M. GarrettShadow Chasers 67
Dreams of Homeworld Rie SheridanBlake's 7 87
Little Orphan Alpha Leah Rosenthal & Ann WorthamBizarro 7 89
Memorandum Susan M. GarrettShadow Chasers 110
Yesterday's Victim Linda KnightsThe Equalizer 111
A Friend in Deed M.D. BloemkerShadow Chasers 127
The Final Arrow Susan M. GarrettRobin of Sherwood 131


Ann Larimerfront cover
Sheila Paulson2
Leah Rosenthal88, 93, 99, 103, 107

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