Is evolution always positive? Should only the strong survive? What if it means the end of the human race? A new species of the Homo genus has evolved to compete with Homo sapiens. Intelligent, bold, and vastly similar to humans, they manifest themselves, most notably, as vicious serial killers, while also infiltrating all aspects of society. In a life and death race, young anthro-biologist Sloan Parker battles a skeptical public and other less noble scientists to uncover the truth about this new group. Motivated by intellectual curiosity and the need to solve the murder of her mentor, Sloan confirms her dead boss's findings that a new lifeform has arisen. Even as Parker's quest for answers endangers her, she still finds her emotions for the new creatures vacillating between fear and love. Parker's amorous feelings spring from a mutual attraction between her and handsome FBI Agent Tom Daniels. A key contributor to the original research project, Agent Daniels' identity as one of the new beings soon becomes apparent to Parker. Afraid for his life and loyal to his breed, he flees the region with an emotional goodbye. In close pursuit of this lethal bunch, street-wise police detective Ray Peterson enjoys an affable working relationship with Parker. However, unbeknownst to him, he is tracking the most formidable foe he has ever encountered. Dr. Walter Attwood serves as second in command at Parker's lab and imposes his authority over her. Cynical and deceitful, he seeks to further his own selfish agenda as he strives to revive his dimishing career. However, Parker is not alone at work. Her friend and colleague, Dr. Ed Tate, a shy, dedicated researcher, wants to support her efforts, despite Dr. Attwood's attempts to manipulate him. With this new species hungry for survival, "only the strong survive" never meant so much. Now, man has to contend with a mutation of himself and the final outcome could be grim.

In Skein, a novel by V.R. Trakowski, Tom Daniels is locked up in a secret facility. Walter Attwood and Ray Peterson are on the run. And Sloan Parker and Ed Tate are under surveillance. Can they manage to reunite and find out just what the October deadline for Homos dominant involves? Taking up where the series left off, this novel answers many of the questions left hanging when the series ended: Does Tom escape? What happened to the rest of the team? And what exactly does the new species' deadline mean for the rest of humanity?

Type: gen

$26.00 (US) * $30.00 (Can/Mex) * $33.00 (overseas)