The Table of Contents

Schisms Storyhaus and Quale4
Daniel is lost on a mission and only Jack can save him.

Monsters Galaxy16
Jack and Daniel try to come to terms with each other and everything that's happened after the episode "Gemini."

Rainy Days and Mondays Storyhaus and Quale30
In the episode "The Changeling," Jack tells Teal'c that he knows a resident psychologist who can help him. This A/U explains how Jack and Daniel met... and much more!

Destiny Jan Kent76
A mission to the Destiny bring Jack and Daniel together.

Limited Gene Pool Storyhaus and Quale90
When Daniel is kidnapped by the Lucian Alliance, SG-1 must spring into action.

Long Distance Natalie McPeak119
Jack finds his job in Washington, D.C. -- and the separation from Daniel -- "difficult" to deal with...

The Sands of Time Storyhaus and Quale128
In this A/U novella, after Reese's death, Daniel doesn't feel he belongs at the SGC anymore. He resigns and returns to Egypt where he meets a mysterious stranger who soothes his aching soul. But can he ever really forget the past... and Jack O'Neill?


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