The Table of Contents

The Christmas Cabin Storyhaus3
An AU novella. The O'Neill family has a surprise guest for Christmas at their cabin and his unexpected arrival has lifechanging consequences for all of them.

Dream Lover CMO Lauretta65
The start of a new series. A pre-slash story about two heterosexual men -- Jack and Daniel -- suddenly discovering they have feelings for one another.

The Stuff of Dreams CMO Lauretta86
Jack and Daniel begin to deal with their new feelings for one another.

And the Stuff of Nightmares CMO Lauretta100
Things go from bad to worse for Jack and Daniel and their attempts to come to terms with their newfound feelings.

Hallucinations CMO Lauretta111
Finally, Jack and Daniel begin to come together...

Reality is Better Than Dreams CMO Lauretta123
Daniel is wounded in a Goa'uld attack and Jack worries that not only will the anthropologist not allow his lover to comfort him, he will pull away and end their new relationship altogether.

The One Storyhaus139
An AU novella. Into every generation, "one" is born... a Slayer, that is! But what happens when a Slayer encounters the Goa'uld?


Cat's Meow Creative Artsfront and back covers
Montana1, 49, 63, 86, 99, 213

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