$26.00 (US) * $32.00 (Can/Mex) * $35.00 (overseas)
Type: gen

In this exciting Planet of the Apes / Real Ghostbusters crossover novel, Sheila Paulson manages to combine two unlikely, but perfectly fitted, fandoms into an engaging tale that will have you spellbound to the very last page! Egon's old physics professor takes an ill-advised trip into the future with his new time machine -- and winds up in a world where Apes, a society of sentient primates, now rule the Earth. When Egon and Peter go to his rescue, they encounter two stranded astronauts and Galen, a Chimpanzee who has come to believe humans are more than lowly-intelligent servants and wants to help. Can they rescue the professor from the gorillas who have captured him, find a way home, and solve the problem of the two astronauts who are stranded more than a thousand years in their future? And what would that mean to Galen, who would then be left alone? Rescue might almost be easier. Don't miss this intriguing novel!