The Table of Contents

And the Greatest of These... Duval War of the Worlds 5
The Taking of the Pingrey Gaylord Mann and Julian Pros 17
When the Truth Comes Out Helena Wolff Quantum Leap 35
Invasion of the Bodie Snatchers Gena Fisher Pros 45
Confession Time Mary L. Millard MUNCLE 49
Put Out to Pasture Mirenna Are You Being Served? 71
New Year's Resolution Aletha Wyndsor The Equalizer 83
Lovejoy to the Rescue? Ruby Pros/Lovejoy 99


Cat Anestopoulo19, 23
Anja Gruber4, 34, 97
KOZ48, 70
H. Ann Walton2, 16, 33, 44, 47, 98

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