The Table of Contents

The Discipline of Love Victoria Stanton The Equalizer 5
Partnership Mary L. Millard Starksky and Hutch 13
Promises to Keep Misty Mayfair Quantum Leap 23
Flying on the Ground is Wrong Dumuzi Gilgomesh War of the Worlds 27
Partners, Buddies and Friends Gena Fisher Pros 43
Shields Khylara Miami Vice 49
Beginnings Lucinda Kerr The Equalizer 51
Napoleon's Wait Khylara MUNCLE 72
Aftermath Doreen Tracy Quantum Leap 73
Comfort in a Lonely Night Leah Starsky Starsky and Hutch 83
1-900-555-4200 Denyse The Equalizer 87
A Night With Blake Airelle Multi-Crossover 101
Stolen Moments Khylara MUNCLE 106
Desert Fantasy Ruby Pros 107
The Adventure of the
Serviceable Physician
Gypsy Sherlock Holmes 121


Anya Gruber11, 12, 119
KOZ4, 88
Jeanne McClure50, 55
TACS26, 120
H. Ann Walton2, 47, 48

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