The Table of Contents

Boo! Jenny Myers2
A stakeout at the cemetery leads to some humorous results.

Book Covers Jenny Myers11
An unsuspecting police officer finds that Jim Ellison isn't the only one who's protective of a certain long-haired, neo-hippie, anthropologist police observer.

Camouflage Jenny Myers17
Jim has amnesia and is lost in a wood filled with survivalist terrorists. Will he remember his Sentinel life before Blair dies?

Close as a Heartbeat Jenny Myers42
An assassin who leaves no clues is after a department-protected witness. What he didn't plan on was a Sentinel detective and his Guide.

Exact Change Jenny Myers59
A rendezvous with a snitch doesn't go exactly as planned.

Innocence Jenny Myers68
A visiting politician and his staff bring up some unpleasant memories for Blair that he thought had long been hidden.


Wendy Myersfront cover, 1, 10, 16, 41, 58, 67

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