The Table of Contents

Patient Z: The Man with the Tiger Eyes Teresa Kilmer
Stupor Teresa Kilmer18
That Hangs the Verses on the Trees Teresa Kilmer28
Crowd Us and Crush Us Teresa Kilmer49
Summer Rains, Summer Ends Teresa Kilmer64
Bird in a Cage, Pt. 1 Teresa Kilmer84
Purge Us from Thy Womb Teresa Kilmer93
And Farewell to Thee Teresa Kilmer104
Bird in a Cage, Pt. 2 Teresa Kilmer116
Graveside Teresa Kilmer121
What Rough Beast Teresa Kilmer123
Return to Fear Teresa Kilmer126
Slaver's Story Teresa Kilmer132
The Candle Teresa Kilmer146
Rituals Teresa Kilmer154
A Cold Night's Sleep Teresa Kilmer163
Spring Teresa Kilmer169
Fire, Fire, Burning Bright Teresa Kilmer174


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