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The Reluctant Jedi Susan MacdonaldStar Trek: TNG / Star Wars 1
What happens when the Millennium Falcon shows up in Federation space?

The Good Neighbor Gloria WagnerStarman 23
Paul and Scott help an elderly couple in trouble, but reveal more than they intended. What will the old man do after he sees the blue light?

Frequency Compression Barb MaterStargate SG-1 / Eureka 31
Jack and Sam wind up somewhere other than the SGC when going home through the Stargate...

Opposites Lorraine AndersonStargate SG-1 38
Daniel really needs to stop touching things!

A Friend in Deed BrateStargate: Atlantis 57
Sheppard really needs to stop activating Ancient artifacts!

The Road to Kaintuck JJJunkyStargate: Atlantis 69
John is in trouble again, and another Johnny Cash song comes to his mind as he -- and his team -- try to figure a way out.

Rasputin's Return Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 81
Peter Venkman is the tsar's heir, but he has no intention of claiming the Romanov name -- except in jest, while thinking how it might impress the ladies. Unfortunately, he says the wrong thing out loud...

Intellectual Exercise Susan MacdonaldQuantum Leap / Real Ghostbusters 113
Sam Beckett helps the Ghostbusters?!

So, How Many Ways Can
You Use a Pencil?
Lorraine AndersonQuantum Leap / Buffy the Vampire Slayer 116
Sam Beckett has an ...interesting ...time in Sunnydale!

Treasure Hunters Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 131
Can Gimli, sidelined in Rohan by a broken leg, help Wormtongue's nephew redeem his good name?

Numbered Minutes K. Hanna KorossyNumb3rs 151
Charlie gets an unexpected visitor, and Don pays the price.

How to Make Pizza Sheila PaulsonWALL-E 160
A vignette set after the ship returns to Earth.


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