The Table of Contents

Old Friends Lorraine AndersonStar Trek (TOS) / Star Trek: TNG / Star Trek: DS9 1
Voyager Shirley BackusStar Trek: Voyager 11
Penpal Gloria WagnerStar Trek: The Next Generation
Sanctuary Anne BatterbyStar Trek: Deep Space 9 13
Militia Gloria WagnerStarman 14
Slide Elaine BatterbySliders 19
Word Search Shirley BackusTime Traxx 20
White Fire Tammy L. CroftLois and Clark 21
It's the Little Things Lorraine AndersonQuantum Leap 22
Owl Play Barbara MaterShadow Chasers 24
A Favor for the Files Michele LelloucheThe X-Files / Stingray
Journal Entry (Private) Elaine BatterbyThe X-Files 39
Spy vs. Spy Barbara MaterThe X-Files 40
Illusions Tammy L. CroftThe X-Files 46
Secrets Anne BatterbyQuantum Leap / The X-Files / Highlander 47
Forever Elaine BatterbyThe X-Files 56
My Name is Chance Elaine BatterbyStrange Luck 57
The Burning Time Cinda GillilanRiptide 58
The Troll Bridges of Madison County Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 63
Stay with the Dead Tara MacKensiesSpace: Above and Beyond 69
Unmasked Lynn TuckerBatman: The Animated Series
The Year of the Cat Charlene A. KirbyBatman 75
Things to Do Elaine BatterbyMultimedia 97


C.H. Burnettfront cover
Anne Batterby12

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