The Table of Contents

When Universes Meet Gloria WagnerStarman / Star Trek (TOS) 1
Insomnia, Miles? Anne BatterbyStar Trek: The Next Generation 6
Hazards Anne BatterbyHooker / Star Trek (TOS) 7
Whispering Jesse John DenverVarious 8
Jesse's Reply Elaine BatterbyVarious 8
When Push Comes to Shove Tammy L. CroftThe Nightmare Cafe 9
Regrets and Sorrows Tammy L. CroftThe Nightmare Cafe 14
I Can Call You Benny Barbara MaterQuantum Leap / Shadow Chasers 15
Thanks for the Memories Anne BatterbyQuantum Leap 22
Appalachian Trial Anne and Elaine BatterbyQuantum Leap 23
Beyond the Grave Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 28
Mix 'n' Match Esmeralda StrangemotherMultimedia 45
Eat My Library Dust Connie CrouchThe Man From U.N.C.L.E. 46
All Hallows' Eve Gillian HoltWar of the Worlds 53
Beware the Black Cat Charlie KirbyBatman 61
A Prayer for Castillo Tammy L. CroftMiami Vice 93


Charlie Kirby5, 10, 21, 65, 75, 88, 92
Suzie Molnar32, 40
Pamela Sherlock54, 55, 59

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