The Table of Contents

Scott Anne BatterbyStar Trek (TOS) 1
Through Alien Eyes Sue DoellingAlien Nation / Quantum Leap 2
Scene in a Hospital Room Elaine BatterbyAlien Nation 8
Farewell Sue-Anne HartwickAlien Nation 9
Vacation Sue-Anne HartwickAlien Nation 10
The Unspoken Gloria WagnerStarman 12
Prosthesis Sheila PaulsonShadow Chasers 18
Murder Flunks Out Barbara MaterShadow Chasers / Probe 33
The Ballad of Dead Men Sue CollinsMultimedia 47
The Mark of Magic Louann QuallsLadyhawke 48
Sunset Janet P. ReedmanRobin of Sherwood 58
The Hooded Man Janet P. ReedmanRobin of Sherwood 58
Valiant Disguise Barbara MaterRobin of Sherwood 59
Story Starters: The Next Generation Michele, Tracy, RachelleMultimedia 60
No Favors Anne BatterbyStingray 61
Tempest Elaine BatterbyStingray 61
Stingray Word Search 62Stingray 62
Dear Harriet Anne BatterbyStingray 63
Come Into My Parlor Charlie KirbyBatman 64
Time Out for Romance Deborah TalleyRemington Steele 91
Steele Smitten Deborah TalleyRemington Steele 92
Fool's Game Deborah TalleyRemington Steele 92
MacGyver Escapes Shirley BackusMacGyver 93
California Private Investigators' Conference 1991 Elaine BatterbyMultimedia 94
Loss Anne BatterbyWiseguy 95
Severed Lifeline Elaine BatterbyWiseguy 96


Dementia Insomniafront cover
Anne Batterby2, 8, 48, 59
Gladys Batterby2, 10, 12
Vicci Cook33
Stephanie Stoddard61
Robin L. Belyeaback cover

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