The Table of Contents

French Moonlight LindarBiggles 1
Fly Boys LindarBiggles 13
Forbidden Fruit MerlinLong Hot Summer 15
The Longest Time Marie MorganThe A-Team 19
Behind the Mask LindarThe Lone Ranger 30
Matchmaker FlipperThe A-Team 33
As Long as the Moon Can Shine Florence SinclairPerfect Scoundrels 36
Burned by the Flame MerlinMiami Vice 57
Deep Cover MerlinMiami Vice 65
Shadows 1 MerlinMiami Vice 69
Shadows 2 MerlinMiami Vice 71
Whirlwind MerlinMiami Vice 73
Games...! T. RoublesThe A-Team 75
At the End of a Bloody Day Y'SanneInspector Morse 80
Heat and Flush'd SirInspector Morse 87
Bird in a Gilded Cage FlipperThe A-Team / Airwolf 95
'Twas the Night Before Christmas T. RoublesThe A-Team / Sherlock Holmes 135

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