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To the OTFs in the House MaggieFandom 4
Road Trip Catherine SchleinCriminal Minds 5
After the death of his mother, Spenser Reid takes a road trip to find an old friend.

Ephemeral Sheila PaulsonLord of the Rings 11
Death is a part of the mortal world, but Legolas isnít ready to accept it. The young elf must come to terms with the ephemeral nature of existence.

Ever Green MaggieLord of the Rings 24
Escaping Platonius Lorraine AndersonStar Trek (TOS) 25
When Alexander wants to join Starfleet, no one is too sure about it.

Hidden Memories Loretta GrecoHawaii 5-0 29
A chance meeting careens Steve down a path of bitter memories. It is up to Danny to help his boss and friend through a difficult time.

Take Me Back MaggiePoem 50
Poliania Dana BellPlanet of the Apes 51
Taylor and Nova travel across the ruined landscape of what was once the United States to find a rumored human settlement somewhere in the west. Once there, Taylor is called upon to help his former ape friends.

Sparrow Teri SarickPoem 64
Inara is back on Serenity and has a conversation with Shepherd Book.

When Gifts Wait, Unopened Sheryl TribbleFirefly 65
Ralph and the Kittens Sheila PaulsonReal Ghostbusters 69
Ray is sent to the Netherworld and finds himself rescued by a cabbie from New York and the manís four furry charges. (Who knew that demons had a soft spot for kittens?). Meanwhile, back at home, the rest of the Ghostbusters must find a way to retrieve him before he becomes demon dinner.

Remembering Conversation MaggiePoem 89
Hero Complex Teri SarickPoem 90
Forgetting Catherine SchleinLord of the Rings 91
The quest for the ring is long ago, and Frodo is in the land across the sea. Samís life is busy and full but when his youngest son finds a memento of Frodoís, Sam fears he is forgetting his dear friend and all that they went through.

Team Gibbs MaggieNCIS 97
Dinner with Aunt Phoebe Susan MacdonaldThe Master / Nanny and the Professor 98
Max and McAllister bump into Maxís cousin, who just happens to be the daughter of the professor... of Nanny and the professor. Will the enigmatic Nanny help them on their way?

The Ghost and Sam Winchester K. Hanna KorossySupernatural 105
There are some people you just donít want as ghosts.... And for Sam Winchester, his brother is one of them. When Dean turns up in ghostly form, Sam fears heís lost him forever.

The Night of the Warehouse Catherine SchleinWild Wild West / Warehouse 13 117
There are things that should never see the light of day and Artemus Gordon wants to know just what the Secret Service is doing with those things he and Jim have found over the years. When he finds out, heís none too pleased and plans to rectify the situation.

Sexy Beast Teri SarickSex in the City 123
The Rose I Knew in City Lights Teri SarickPoem 126
Something Unpredicable Peggy HartsookHogan's Heroes 127
Nothing is ever simple in the world of Stalag 13. You have the Gestapo, Klink, other prisoners, and... influenza. When Hogan comes down with the illness, the havoc it causes is anything but humorous.

We Need Heroes MaggiePoem 179
The Night of Crossed Trails Catherine SchleinWild Wild West / The Quest 177
A chance meeting on the trail involves the Beaudine brothers in a secret service mission. But things donít go as planned and Artemus Gordon is captured by the land-grabber Peterson. In the ensuing fight, one of the brothers is gravely injured.

Things in the Mall Lorraine AndersonStargate SG-1 233

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